BEd Special Education Distance Mode


A BEd (Bachelor of Education) in Special Education is a degree program that prepares students to become teachers of students with special needs. Special education teachers work with students who have a wide range of disabilities, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and developmental delays.

B.Ed in Special Education

A BEd in Special Education is offered in a distance mode refers to a program that is delivered primarily online, with some on-campus components or a student has to attend the study. Distance learning programs offer students the flexibility to complete their coursework and assignments at their own pace and from a location of their choice.

In a BEd in Special Education distance program, students will typically complete coursework online, which may include readings, lectures, discussions, and assignments. They may also be required to complete some on-campus components, such as field placements or workshops, which allow them to gain practical experience in the field.

BEd Special Education Subjects

The subjects involved with BEd Special Education Distance Mode are:

BEd in Special Education Year 1
Sl No
Subject Name
Human Growth & Development
Contemporary Indian Education Gender & Society
Learning and Teaching, Assessment
Neurodevelopmental disabilities
Advanced Pedagogy And Application of ICT
Sensory disabilities
Introduction to Locomotors & Multiple Disabilities
BEd in Special Education Year 2
Sl No
Subject Name
Educational Teaching Strategies
Teaching Strategies and methods
Disabilities and Technology
Family issues and psychosocial
Visual and performing arts
Skill-based Optional Course

Students of BEd Special Education will also learn

  • Educational psychology
  • Special education law and policy
  • Instructional methods and strategies for teaching students with special needs
  • Assessment and evaluation of students with special needs
  • Collaboration with parents, caregivers, and other professionals

In addition to coursework, B.Ed in Special Education programs often include field placements or clinical experiences, which allow students to gain practical experience working with students with special needs in a real classroom setting.

After BEd Special Education

Upon completion of a BEd in Special Education program, students will typically be eligible for graduation certification as special education teachers to teach worldwide. It's important to note that graduation requirements may vary by location, so it's important to research the specific requirements before applying for a job or registering for further studies.

Distance learning programs are a good option for students who are unable to attend a traditional on-campus program due to geographic or other constraints. It's important to carefully research and compare different distance learning programs to ensure that they meet your needs and provide the education and training you need to become a successful special education teacher.

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BEd Special Education Eligibility

To be eligible for the BEd Special Education program, applicants must have achieved a minimum average of 50% in their degree program. Admission to BEd Special Education Distance Mode is generally merit-based, although some colleges may consider performance in reputed institutions when assessing applications.